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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Dec 14, 2004 12:51am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Need Grimes Leadership in Cleveland

Grimes incorprated the Socialist Workers Party but left it to die, I guess at the time he was deported to Iraq. The A.R.L.P. was in fact incorprated as the American Loyalist Partylong before they contacted Jack Grimes, where and when I do not know, Grimes wouldn't take command with such a name because of his oath of loyalty to Saddam Hussein and the Ba'ath Party. Grimes can and will sue you if you continue with this, as the A.R.L.P. was incorporated and did legally change it's name to the U.F.U.,this is a fact as I have saw the microfilmed charter. He can also sue you for calling him a Nazi, as he already sued a TV station and he proved a Fascist was not a Nazi and does NOT want his name slandered by association with anti-semitism.

You don't even have a clue do you? Grimes and DeMarco wanted the Green Shirts and the Pentagram flag and arm bands so that nobody would mistake the A.R.L.P. for a Nazi club. He said himself, Laura and Sue, were the only people that were worth shit to him. DeMarco was a drunken boy, who cause Laura's car to be stolen by skinhead scum and wrecked a car Laura and Mr. G. bought together. He also got them involved with the Hicks family of MO, who among other things, illegally ran up a $1,300. phone bill in his name causing him to sign fraud papers with G.T.E. against them.
Grimes, will not take command of an anti-semitic organization and he wants Zuby out as he's a phony and a poser. 0nly Jack Grimes has the authority to appoint officers and he does NOT recognize Zuby as anything. You might also remember Director Grimes and Dr. Riccoco set the A.R.L.P. grottos of NYC and NJ up for an FBI sting themselves when they wanted them out.

YOU PISS GRIMES OFF HE'LL KILL YOU, especially now that he believes he has nothing left to lose. I know he believes it is his God given destiny to rule America and lead the world into a new Roman Empire and he will do anything to anyone who comes into conflict with his will or divine destiny. Why do you think they kept photo's of Benito Mussolini and Saddam Hussein in the A.R.L.P.'s Detroit Ave. office? It was a cult of Rome and Babylon as is U.F.U. I don't think Mr. G. or Laura Adams were ever very serious about the racist stuff, as she was married to a black man named Terry Adams when she was doing TV and I wouldn't be here if Grimes cared about the white people.

When Grimes ran for President in 2000, there was a skinhead who was spreading taboo doctrine around Scranton. He was warned once, he didn't listen. He was found with his fingers broken. This man continued to spread doctrine that was not acceptable. His mother was raped and he then not only shut his mouth but, also left town.

You don't FUCK with JACK GRIMES BECAUSE HE WILL FUCK YOU BACK HARDER, especially now that he sees he has nothing to loose.

A new command might interest him. But I was born and raised a Jew, I go where Mr. G. goes, is that a problem? And, he would want Zuby out, as there can only be one leader, one voice and one vision. Grimes, and Grimes a lone, is the boss and you will have to give up the anti-semitism, worship the Gods of Babylon and use the Roman helmets.

Heil Grimes!

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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Dec 15, 2004 1:26am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Need Grimes Leadership in Cleveland

So this is what set Sub-Deputy Director Rios a stir and caused Heather to drag me out of my house today. 0k, since I have to be at this damn library, with all this human shit invading my aura, I may as well talk to the racist slime-balls.

Sub-Deputy Director Rios told you the truth I hold the incorporation papers for the ARLP. The fact that you answered him with a lie and pretended to be a lawyer shows me you are NOT trustworthy. I don't want people around me who are liars, if you'd lie to my officers that means you don't respect them, which means you don't respect me either.

You're the same bunch that were coming to Jason Peterson's website, aren't you? I think you people cost me matching funds, by posting your racist b.s. on my board, before I had him shut it down. I guess I should really be pretty mad about that.

The fact that you want to continue with the bogus dogma of race after I have told you it is a false doctrine and ordered you to conform to our established norm, proves you can't follow a leader. Which means you're NOT soldiers and can't be controlled. You don't understand the military pecking order at all, do you? Eduardo Rios holds his commission from me, the leader of the military aspect of the UFU, you question anything he tells you, that means you won't follow orders without question and carry out commands as we dictate to you. Independent thought and action is dangerous, it's what's led to the mess the West is in today. Orders are orders, only those who understand the military pecking order and can blindly believe anything we, the elite, tell them, have a future with the Divine 0rder of the UFU.

I can respect you wanting to help your own ethnic group and I'll freely admit the host population are in serious trouble in America. For better or worse the ARLP was a failed experiment, it should and will stay dead as I do hold the incorporation papers for it to this day. My associate, James Mason, hit the nail on the head in a recent letter he wrote to me saying, "the white Americans have no ethnic centre left". That's why any racist party is bound to fail. The white people don't vote in blocks, they don't think as an ethnic collective, therefore, trying to help them is a waste of time, effort and money. You will chase shadows in the dark and find it leads nowhere if you want to have a white rights organization. Also, your anger is misplaced, the minorities only have this power over the native whites because the defacto government gives it to them, so people of colour are NOT your enemy, THE SYSTEM is.

As to incorporating anything, I did it with the ARLP then, later, with the UFU and was never sorrier, all it is is a waste of money. It achieves nothing and leaves a paper trail the Feds can follow. Why would you want a legal above-ground political group in a criminal country like this? It's better to form secret societies and subversive movements that the government can't trace.

Do not make the same mistake I did. Don't seek fame through TV and radio hoping to motivate the masses. The American people are asleep at the wheel, especially the white ones. You can't motivate zombies. A civil war is coming. You would be better off to hide in secret places, gather guns in secret and only mighty men you can trust (which means you can't pretend to be a lawyer or any of the other fake crap the racists do to get them by). Find a man who will lead you, who would be similar to the American counterpart of Osama bin Laden, form terrorist cells. Then when you have the manpower, the weapons, and the money, come against the system and turn their streets into blood and their cities into flame.

Part of the Civil War will be racial. Don't be in Cleveland, Columbus or any other major city when it comes down, these are wholly black and racism is a two-way street. Many of the lower-class coloured persons despise whites, because of the system's conditioning, so they will kill you if law and order does break down. Most all people know this, that's why Heather, Joanne, and I have to live in Elkton and greedy landlords (who are white) are taking full advatage with real estate and apartments (so much for racial loyalty).

I own The Benito Mussolini Building in Pennsylvania and Saddam Hussein Hall here, I own a car with Joanne and another with Heather. Why would I leave? I'm too old, too ugly and too crippled to be of any use to you. We are now completely outside of Nostradamus' timeline, I do not think my human life in this realm is any good anymore, I doubt it ever really was. If I were going to leave Maryland, I'd leave this whole rotten, burnt out cinder of a country, all the Provinces are the same.



Mr. Rios & Ms. Goldsmith - You are not to talk about Laura's private business amoung yourselves on these sites anymore. The UFU's not a gossip club.

If you two are going to waste your time talking to people on these sites, don't talk to these racists, it's like teasing a bull dog. Most of them are childish idiots, ignore them and they'll go away. Let them submit case files and make application through the POB if they want to be part of the UFU.

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Poster: GeraldK Date: Dec 17, 2004 1:44am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Need Grimes Leadership in Cleveland

Guess the rumors are all right then. Grimes has gone mad! UFU is a joke . . I hear everyone laughing about it. ARLP is still the calling, and Zuby will continue to fight to incorporate and lead!